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Why start a Home Financial Management system?

I believe no matter where you live, home or apartment, managing our home takes savvy planning for the upkeep, our health, and peace of mind. So, why start a home financial management system?

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Ask where's the money going?

Oh, the joys of money. Wonderful when it's coming in but annoying when bills come due, and that money goes out! This money continues on it's outgoing trip when we add the other expenses of food, clothing, repairs, etc. Did I hear you sigh? Yeah, I do the same, and I am sure, we're not alone.

Do you track and follow where your money is going or what's left over? The whole purpose of the Home Financial Management ebook offered by Peace and Tea Designs, is to help you learn to record, track and follow your money that's outgoing for bills. It will give you a sense of control, peace and accomplishment to 'know' where your monies are going.

One of the first suggestions to me about jobs was to take a Secretarial course. It would be a job that I'd be able to find anywhere. When I eventually left home, I did exactly that and entered an Executive Secretary course, and it included bookkeeping. I found that class particularly interesting and fun. I love math so maybe that's why I enjoyed it?

Duties of the Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping refers to 'recording' the finances of a business following the accounting principles. They use the 'double-entry' bookkeeping method. This means a bookkeeper must make two entries, a debit, and a credit, for every transaction which will affect, and be recorded in separate 'accounts'. Can you imagine how many accounts a business has?

A career or on-the-job training as a bookkeeper can lead to a $40K income. S/he will create and maintain the financial records, be meticulous to keeping accurate details, knowledge of math, enjoy working with numbers, and most importantly, realize these records must be accurate not only for the business, but for outsiders too, such as vendors, bankers, investors, and the TAX man.

A paper trail is created with every entry into the books and important to include every transaction records (receipts) to verify the financial records. A financial 'audit' is done annually and well done records will report to the government tax man that all is well, and in order.

Introducing the #Simplified Home Finance Management Ebook

This ebook has been designed to record your bills, and the balance. You will take the first steps towards learning what's known as being 'financially literate' to the concepts involved with budgeting, investing, saving, short and long term goals. You will be able to understand these concepts, and make informed money decisions.

# shop simplified Home Finance management ebook

The Simplified Home Financial Management ebook, is not a full bookkeeping system hence the word, simplified. It's designed to be easily followed, and simple to maintain. It is similar to keeping a Journal or General Ledger but designed as a financial record of your own monies going out, and record of paid bills.

The beauty of this ebook is that the pages can be printed out, and filled with each month and list each bill (accounts) on separate pages that will end with the year. Store it in a binder and keep that near your bills. Once filled, and added up, you will see where your monies are going, and may decide to make changes to your spending habits. You may even notice where the amounts going out the most after the first 90 days.

A second section is useful for tracking those 'spur of the moment' buys and groceries. Keeping a record of every penny spent daily will reveal the full amount at the end of each week. This is where we learn to let things go or cut back, and maybe revert to 'home' style, and save, how much? Again, these savings can be applied towards creating a new savings goal (a new car, school debt, bikes, vacation, etc.). This leads us to the next exercise! :)

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Learning to Save Money

One last section of this ebook, a Money Challenge. One chart is for saving monies on a monthly basis for a year. It's blank therefore open to what you would like to do. It begins with figuring out how much to set aside each month to reach your goal.


Goal : $2500.00

Time : 1 year

Math : 2500.00 / 12 (2500.00 divided by 12 months)

= $208.33 per month

A choice of doing a yearly money challenge or a monthly challenge blank pages are included in this ebook. You can dream then using the sheets to plan out your financial goals. No crime in challenging ourselves to bring a dream or wish, to life. Do as many plans as you need but do your best to not be forced to live in financial difficulty.

Financial security would be a better place to live, yes?

Money doesn't grow on tree's, and it would be nice but it's not real. We put in our time for work and pay. Some live pay cheque to pay cheque. If we can take the time to learn what we're doing with our monies then we can also learn how to control our spending. This in turn can open doors to make other plans.

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