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The Teachers' Classroom App - Speaking Activities for Homework

Teachers' Classroom App

Encouraging students to work on their speaking and pronunciation can be difficult in the crowded classroom, but the speaking activities from our Conversation & Listening Lessons are ideal for encouraging students to practice their speaking at home.

The students have a group of 6 sentences to say, and the computer listens and matches their speaking against a native British English speaker. They then have some feedback on their speaking.

  • The feedback shows the students the difference between the model and what the computer heard the student say. This shows the student where they need to focus on improving their pronunciation.
  • These activities can be quite demanding, but they do give students the opportunity to practice speaking at home.
  • Use Google Chrome to try this speaking activity from the Conversation & Listening Lesson - The Protester.

I hope you enjoy this activity and check out all the other materials in our Teachers' Classroom App