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Unlock a world of payment possibilities for your customers. They can choose between PayPal or any major credit cards, and we'll handle the rest. Our system seamlessly processes transactions in numerous international currencies.

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  • Upload any type of file (PNG, JPG, ZIP etc)
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Payhip is fantastic. The interface is simple, the integration easy and the customer service has been top notch. I'm really glad I chose Payhip and will continue to do so in the future.

Stephen Follows
Film industry data researcher

I absolutely love Payhip, it's such a user-friendly platform that literally anyone can use. Having launched my first ever eBook with Payhip, everything has gone by a breeze, I couldn't be happier with how easy it is.

Cherie Tu
Vegan lifestyle advocate

We needed a company that handled VAT of the eBooks we sell. After a little research, we found Payhip to be the best fit. We're now using Payhip. We love the way they handle VAT and are easy to work with!

Alberto & Iosune
Vegan recipes bloggers

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Powerful marketing features that you need to grow your business

Affiliate system

Amplify your sales force with the support of affiliates. Engage your friends and colleagues as brand ambassadors, allowing them to earn enticing rewards for every sale they contribute to.

Offer coupons

Take your promotions to the next level with coupon codes. Limit usage, add expiration dates, and explore a multitude of customization options to captivate your audience.

Pay-what-you-want pricing

Foster customer empowerment through flexible pricing. You can enable a pay-what-you-want feature to allow your customers to choose their own price within a minimum threshold.

Embed checkout & shopping cart

Create a frictionless purchasing and downloading experience by directly embedding the checkout and shopping cart into your existing website.

Social discounts

Unleash the power of social media to drive sales. Reward customers who actively promote your brand through tweets and likes by offering exclusive discounts.

Update customers

Enhance customer engagement by leveraging our email update feature to keep your audience informed about new product launches and irresistible promotions.

Mailing lists

Elevate your email marketing endeavors with the direct integration of customer data to popular mailing list services like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and a plethora of other compatible platforms.

Design freedom

Drive customer loyalty and boost conversion rates by customizing every part of your online store and checkout, ensuring an immersive and branded experience that resonates with website visitors.

Safe and secure

Robust features that help protect your icons and keep your business thriving

  • Limit downloads Easily manage the maximum download attempts on your product listings to prevent unauthorized distribution.
  • Unique Links Experience ultimate file security through exclusive and unguessable download links tailored to every customer.
  • Secure Checkout We are PCI-DSS-ready. Customers payment information is handled by our trusted payment partners.

Frequently asked questions

Useful things to know from our helpful customer support team

When do I get paid?

Your sales will be deposited to you right away after a transaction is finalized, and all payments will be securely sent to your connected PayPal or Stripe account.

What file formats do you support?

There are no limitations on file formats with Payhip—you can upload files of any type and extension.

Can I cancel my account at anytime

Yes, you have the freedom to cancel your account at any time if you determine that our platform is not suitable for your needs. With Payhip's forever-free plan, you can explore the platform without worrying about fees.

What are icons?

Icons are small, graphical representations of programs, files, or functions on your computer, phone, or other device. If you look at your phone screen, you'll see icons representing different applications. If you use a software program on your computer, you'll likely have different icons for functions like “save” and “print”. On social media, icons are used for features such as “like” or “share”.

How do I make icons?

There are a number of different software programs you can use to create your own icons. These include specialist software designed for icons, such as Softorbits Icon Maker or Junior Icon Editor, as well as more general graphic design programs, like Adobe Illustrator. You may want to try out a few different programs to see what you find easiest to work with: most will offer a free trial.

How can I make money as an icon designer?

Icon designers typically make money by selling sets of icons to multiple customers. However, you might also choose to make money on a freelance basis, providing custom sets of icons to individual clients. This means clients can easily commission specific icons, you can match icons to their brand, and no one else will be using those icons. For most icon designers, though, selling pre-made sets of icons can provide a more consistent income.

Can I sell icons on Payhip?

Yes, you can sell icons on Payhip - in fact, it's very simple and easy to do so. Simply save your icons in any format you want, then upload them to a new product in Payhip. You'll need to set a price for your product - and you should add an image that shows off your best icons from the set, too. Then, simply save your product and you're ready to sell. Payhip doesn't charge any upfront fees: you just pay a small 5% commission when your icons sell.

Is there a storage limit?

There are no storage or bandwidth restrictions; however, each file is limited to 5GB. If you require larger file sizes, please contact us.

Do you offer charity discounts

For sure, we love to support great causes of all kinds so please get in touch with us.

How can I contact you

Just shoot us an email at or reach out to us on Twitter. We'd love to chat!

How can I sell icons?

You can sell icons by first creating a set of icons, then uploading it to Payhip as part of a new product. You can direct customers to your (free) Payhip store, or you can sell your icons through your own website if you prefer. Marketing your icons can be tricky, especially with lots of competition out there, and you'll likely want to target web designers and app creators, as they'll frequently need icons for their projects.

Can I make money from selling icons?

Yes, you can make money selling icons. While it's technically possible to sell individual icons, the vast majority of icons are sold in collections or sets. This means people can use a set of similarly-styled icons on their website or app. Icon sets will usually cost anything from $10 to $100+, depending on the size and quality of the collection.

How do I price my icons?

It can be tricky to know what to charge for your icons. There's a lot of competition out there, so if you price your icons too high, you'll find that customers simply look elsewhere. If your prices are rock-bottom, though, you might put customers off, as they may fear your work is low-quality. Before settling on a price, take a look at similar icon collections and see what they're selling for.

How do I sell iPhone app icons?

Since the iOS 14 came out, with the option for custom icons on the home screen, some designers have made large amounts of money - with one creator of a monochrome icon set bringing in over $100,000 in less than a week. Just as with other icon collections, you will want your iPhone icons to have a distinct style. You may need to provide instructions with your icons to help users install them on their iPhones.

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