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Care for your Success

Over 5000+ trained

15+ years of experience

Certified in Copywriting, Tech, Social Media Mastery

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Strategic in giving long-lasting and simple solutions

Hi, This is Thangu, a Tech Specialist for 15+ years by profession and a free entrepreneur from heart.

Ever since my childhood in the 1990s in Muscat, I loved coding in Windows.

Though my family wanted me to become a doctor, I chose Computer Science and completed my Computer Science degree in flying colors from a prestigious top Anna University Guindy.

I loved to help many USA clients like

Molina, Premera,3M,Hess, Coventry, Coca Cola, Aditya Birla.

My journey as an Independent Solopreneur started after many swamis from India cheated to steal all my life savings and tried to murder me. I healed naturally though painfully and came back successfully from 3 bags to a cozy home.

I again made money by helping 1000s through Online Coaching, Consulting without a job and without support of anyone.

I have spoken at various International Conferences and arranged Networking events on Eventbrite and Clubhouse.

If you want free tips to start/improve your Business or escape your 9-5 job, follow me on Instagram @thanguconsulting

If you need help to reduce time and efforts using Tech for your business or improve Software skills, just email me: or call or Whatsapp +91-7406827010

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