Felicia McCastle

Today's news is saturated with dismal stories of senseless violence, hate crimes and global conflicts. E-Comm Publications (ECP) seeks to uplift, encourage and inspire individuals of Humanity to conquer personal greatness and their desired aspirations despite the grave overall conditions of the world.

Each person possess unique skills, gifts and talents, ECP seeks to empower individuals through all media channels to funnel their Magnificent Greatness through Self-Love then share that Love, their Gifts & Talents with the world.

If we each are willing to shine our radiance then the totality of World Culture can start to shine too!

~A ripple of collective love starts with one pebble~

Felicia A. McCastle is an Author,  Poet, Freelance Writer, Wife and Mother of five beautiful, beloved angels!  She is the creator and founder of E-Comm (Empowering Communication) Publications (ECP). The focus of ECP is to bring empowering media content through workshops, seminars, editorials, books, poetry, stage plays, screen plays along with social media posts to the masses. Her latest book is "32 Days of Empowered Encouragement and Inspiration" featured now for purchase on http://payhip.com/32Days, www.ecommpublications.com and Amazon. 

She has been writing for over 25 years, being a staff writer for UNCC (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) campus paper to which she became a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies, Public Relations. The next book to be released by E-Comm Publications will be entitled, "Loving the Skin I Am In", a children book to help promote self love, worth along with healthy esteems for African American children.