Adam T Hourlution

I am Adam and I am the 3 Hour Dad, I was blessed with a daughter that I didn’t know was coming, hadn’t prepared for and yet is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Our story was featured in Take A Break magazine and I am still constantly asked what it was like to have become an unplanned parent?! So….finally almost 3 years later (I think I am over the shock!) and have written an eBook which relives “that fateful night” allowing readers to step into my shoes and understand how my life completely changed overnight. It is also my time to give back, so for every sale of my (short and uncomplicated) eBook, I will donate to a random act of kindness fund. With your purchase we can pick another “chosen one” to surprise with a gift! So let’s try something unique, please join me for the ride so we can make a difference together. I plan to share our stories across our social media channels so do make sure that you join the revol3hourlution.