3D Reps

Lip Syncable 3D Spokesperson - Breath life into your message
Our unique 3-D avatars are custom designed and animated with super life-like detail. 

They are carefully animated so that you can manually lip sync them to any voice-over or text-to-speech audio using any quality video editing app that has green screen removal. They can be used in any of your video projects and make the perfect companions for the Video Pal, Video Builder, Video Robot and Explaindio Apps!

You will receive two 1920x1080 resolution video files and step-by-step video tutorials which show you how to manually lip-sync our avatars to your script and upload them into your favorite app.

This process creates a simulated lip-sync animation that gives the illusion of lip-synced speech and is a very inexpensive alternative to real time lip-sync animation which will cost you hundreds of dollars. Each avatar comes with commercial usage rights so that you can sell your videos to your clients!
Select one of our quality 3D avatars below and let them represent your business or message in a fun new way!

The zip files have 5 HD Videos and instructions so please allow some time to download. The download speed will depend on your computer speed and internet connection speed. High speed estimate could be around 15-30min. We recommend downloading in the background while you work on another project. 
Please contact help@3dclonerep.com if you need any help.

Thank you for your purchase and support!