3G Moms is a group of three mothers who are passionate about health, fitness and are super-creative. 3G stands for GIVE, GLOW, GROW. As mothers we are always giving. We GIVE our bodies as a vessel to carry each generation, we give to our families, friends, neighbors and community simply by being who we were created to be - Women. We glow because we choose to be the light, the example, the role model—even in our imperfections, we GLOW. We aspire to never stay stagnant, so we always welcome a chance to GROW, so we learn, we listen, we challenge ourselves to be better than we were the day before. Each member of the 3G MOMs Franchise represents an ingredient for success; DETERMINATION, PASSION and FIRE. We believe that with Determination, Passion and Fire there are no limits to the things we can accomplish. DETERMINATION comes from a decision, a choice and an intention to stay the course no matter what. We believe that you must have PASSION for what you do, because behind every passion lies the big one of all, PURPOSE. To have FIRE is to have the burning desire, the dream, the willingness to set yourself on fire–if you must– for what you stand for and believe in. Without the fire burning within we give up, we procrastinate, we get lost in the hard times.