8 Week Vegetarian Challenge by Marine Tan Yan

I'm Marine. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I love to take photos, to visit new places, to help people. I'm a health freak! Less than a year ago I went on this crazy vegetarian journey and it completely changed my body and health. I lost 10 kgs and reached a healthy BMI in less than a year. It was mainly my diet that helped me lose weight, not my exercise.
I created the 8-week vegetarian challenge to help people lose weight effortlessly. I coached 14 people on a 3-week challenge who all lost weight and were amazed by my guide and their results! 
"It's literally the first time that am satisfied with a diet"- S.A
I'm a firm believer than vegetarianism is healthier than eating meat, even the story of Daniel in the Bible proves it!
I know that if you put in effort, anything is achievable. Becoming vegetarian has pushed me to my limits and made me mentally and physically stronger. 
I wish you all the best on your health journey. And remember, dreams don't work unless you do!