8 Seconds

8 Seconds is the average human attention span, and therefore acutely relevant when marketing to your customers. At the core of all our activity is efficiency and skills for hire, alongside the second key ingredient for success for our clients and yours, customer service.

Today’s business landscape is hostile and fragmented. As a business, you are not only competing with others in your own industry but every other advertisement, opportunity or topic which may grab your customers attention before your business does.

We pride ourselves in delivering our services with warmth, skill and authenticity. Our primary aim is to educate and delight in the results marketing can bring to your business. We particularly relish in working with businesses looking to shift gears, who are committed to growth and consistency and have recognised they may lack the skills themselves to apply this. Nothing is off limits, no question too silly, we are here to help your business blossom!

Our services include:
+ Marketing, Sales Guidance, Mentoring & Implementations
+ Branding
+ Social Media
+ Advertising
+ Communications & Sales

If you are looking to freshen your approach and ensure your business is dynamic and responsive to change – we can help!