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Boris Kosak ALL THE COLORS OF LOVE - full score


About Me

Boris Kosak's main source of inspiration comes from listening to the heart's most inner movements where emotions, love and spirituality feel at home. A versatile composer with a classical background and composing in all genres from solo pieces to large orchestra works including 3 symphonies, 4 instrumental concertos and an opera, Boris Kosak is also a great piano performer with an original very personal style, creating a new bridge between new age and contemporary classical music, connecting tradition and fresh vibes in a natural, balanced mix, full of beautiful melodies and rich emotional vibrations.

ALL THE COLORS OF LOVE is the newest album by Boris Kosak that is going to be published in short. A great part of its inspiration provides from the colors that the renown master of subtle tones and shadows actually had in his mind when working on the album. In the 15 pieces full of rich sensitivity and refined delicacy the composer makes use of the whole palette of emotional colors, carefully painting out every single vibration of this highly advisable album, inviting you on an exciting journey full of joy and sadness, happiness and sorow, splendor and melancholy, dressed in piano notes and capable to deeply touch your heart.

Boris Kosak says: „As a child, I wanted to create something that would make the world better and more beautiful. I believed that composing music could be my contribution. Later I felt that this beauty does not have to be created because it already exists deep within us and only needs to be made visible or audible to others. I became a composer. If we let music into our lives, our fast-paced world decelerates and we get the opportunity to touch some “really” important things: the timelessness and the eternity behind the material world. “

For his highest quality of work Boris Kosak is recognized as one of the most promicing musical talents of the contemporary generation who is always winning a stunning applause and a sheer enthusiasm of the audience. His works and live performances were celebrated in concert halls all over the world: in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, USA, Brasil, Australia, China, and South Korea.