ATPete Fitness

Pete is Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist at a very unique facility in Austin, Texas. Pete uses his creative strengths to design new challenges and events for his clients to participate in, to take fitness and fun to new levels. His annual Movember Campaign that culminates in an hour long session of nonstop burpees is always a hit. Whether he’s in the gym or not, he understands how important, and satisfying it is to have groups of people join together in play and sweat. It brings out the best in everyone and is a powerful force for positive change. Pete is also a Certified Group Fitness Instruction with a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics along with other professional certifications in CrossFit, Spartan SGX and Running. When he isn’t teaching group classes, he trains Clients one on one and small groups where he designs goal focused programs, and confidence building techniques so Clients can meet physical and mental goals. He combines his nutrition degree with his personal training for an unbeatable combo, but his certifications are nothing compared to his unique and ever changing workout strategies that lead to permanent change.