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AWCH has been bringing women of all nationalities together since 1956. We are an open and welcoming community of international women connecting to support each other, to engage in cultural and social activities, to foster awareness of local and global women’s issues, and to make a difference.

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Hamburg in Your Pocket 

The Essential Guide to Making Hamburg Home. Since the early 1980's, the American Women's Club of Hamburg e.V. has been generating handbooks to help English-speaking newcomers or long-term residents enjoy the rich and varied experience of living in Hamburg. This 260 page book is full of tips for living in Hamburg, whether it is navigating the public transportation, finding housing, applying for permits and registrations, opening bank accounts, paying taxes, or walking your dog. A must read for making Hamburg your home away from home. (Available as paperback or epub digital version.)

The AWCH Charity Cookbook Let's Stay In


The idea of a new AWCH cookbook materialized as measures of "social distancing" from our friends and family were implemented to reduce the spread of the coronavirus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s Stay In has been a wonderful virtual food experience. It gave our members a chance to reconnect with friends and family, ask for new and old recipes, test them, and share them. All recipes in this cookbook are from our members and friends of AWCH, including Chickpeace, a social caterer started in Hamburg by refugees from the Middle East and Eastern Africa. (available as epub digital version)