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About Abbey

Tunisian Crochet was the first yarn craft that I learned. Starting in 2012 and learning exclusively from library books, I absorbed everything I could find about the craft. It didn't take me long to feel that the emphasis on blankets and washcloths was unwarranted, and there's only so many shawls a girl could wear. Where were the nicely draping wearables and properly fitting garments?

I've been experimenting and pushing the boundaries of Tunisian Crochet ever since. In such a short space of time, I can see how much has changed. There is a huge emphasis on size inclusivity, yarn inclusivity and a demand that designers provide proper instructions rather than simple "recipes". I love that I am part of the growing trend to "do better" and not simply pumping design after design out for the sake of a few more instagram followers.

While designing is a "side-hustle" for me, I do tend to fill every spare moment (and even moments that aren't really spare), to crochet, pattern writing, tech editing and helping other designers out as a virtual assistant (I'm really good at Ravelry!)

I live in Sydney Australia with my hook making husband Haemish of @Catch_hooks fame (also a side hustle.... he owes his perfected pointy tips to my fussiness), our 6 year old daughter and a beautiful border collie, Minty.