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How to make tunisian bobbles

I've been mucking around with Tunisian Crochet bobbles for most of this year. It came about when I bought some colour pooling yarn from Three Mum's Yarn at last year's NSW Knitters Guild Gathering.

assigned colour pooling yarn by Three Mum's Yarn

I wanted to feature that beautiful pink colour pop amongst the lovely soft grey. So instead of just making a flat fabric, I thought this would be the perfect style of yarn for a 'stop, drop, bobble' style garment.

Turns out that yes, it was perfect for that! I ended up using this yarn as one of three prototypes for my Ginan jumper which has just been published in the amazing Moorit magazine (I'll tell you more about that another day).

short sleeved version of the Ginan jumper Ginan jumper prototype

Anyhoo, onto the real point of this post. I've just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel for how to make these bobbles. In the video I'm using plain coloured yarn just so you can see the technique clearly. Here it is:

Bobble Method

Make three tunisian double crochet (tdc) into the same base stitch. Yarn over, pull through the three tdc loops. The bobble will poke out of the back of the work, push it through to the front any time after making the stitch.

Tunisian double crochet

This is almost the same as a standard US double crochet / UK treble crochet with only 1 difference.

Yarn over, insert hook in indicated stitch, yarn over, draw through 1 loop, yarn over, draw through two loops. The difference between this and dc/tr in standard crochet is that you only yarn over, draw though two loops once rather than twice. This is so a loop remains on the hook, being a forward pass loop.

I'll be referring to this video in all my patterns featuring bobbles now. I hope you find it helpful.