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About Us

Ad-Duha Institute, by the blessing and mercy of Allah, has been publishing comprehensive Islamic Studies and Arabic curriculum materials available worldwide since 2003. Our books are...

  • Used by thousands of students in homeschools and Islamic schools throughout the US and in 30+ countries worldwide 

  • Approved by the UAE Ministry of Youth and Culture as part of the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival (the largest book fair in the world)

  • Reviewed and approved by professionals specializing in Islamic Studies, curriculum development, early childhood education, Montessori methods, psychology, and instructional design

  • Top-rated across all platforms by parents and Islamic studies teachers since 2003, Al-hamdulillah. 

Islamic Sources & Content

Ad-Duha does not teach a specific Muth-hab (school of thought, i.e., Shaafa’i, Maliki, Hanafi, Hanbali). Rather, we present information on all four major schools of thought when there are differences of opinion. We also rely on the classic texts of the major scholars of Islaam as a basis for all information taught, for example...

  • An-Nawawwi’s 40 Ahadeeth
  • Qasas Ul-Anbiyah (Stories of the Prophets) by Ibn Kathir
  • Tafsir Ibn Kathir 
  • Sahih Al-Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Minhaaj Al-Muslim (Creed of the Muslim) by Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jaza’iry and many more....

Arabic Language to Understand the Qur’an

One of the main goals of our program is to study Arabic as a language to understand the Qur’aan and Sunnah better. Therefore, we focus on Qur’anic vocabulary and use the Qur’aan and ahadith as the main focus of lessons. Students will not be taught conversational Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic vocabulary in our books.

Designed for Non-Arabic Speakers

All books are specifically designed to be used by non-Arabic speakers. The workbooks feature transliterations of Arabic sounds/words, explanations of grammar rules, and step-by-step instructions on completing each lesson objective.

Who Can Benefit from Our Curriculum

Ad-Duha books can be used by everyone: homeschools, full-time Islamic schools, weekend schools, libraries, or anyone who needs high-quality Islamic books. 

Our Team

Ad-Duha's books have been designed by our team of educational professionals specializing in Islamic Studies, curriculum development, early childhood education, Montessori methods, psychology, and instructional design. Our team is led by Sr. Cilia Kader who has over 30 years of expertise in teaching Islamic studies from preschool to high school in full-time Islamic schools, home schools, and online.


Charitable Giving (Zakaah, Sadaqah, & Sadaqah Jaariyah)

At Ad-Duha we believe in giving back to the community and supporting those in need by providing clean water, food, clothing, shelter, and life-changing surgeries/medical care. That is why a portion of every purchase of Ad-Duha books will go to...

  • Humanitarian aid in Gaza
  • Building water wells around the world
  • Sight restoring and cleft palate correction surgeries
  • Shoes for needy children in Africa
  • Orphan sponsorship
  • Food and hygiene kits for the homeless
  • Financial support and shelter for survivors of domestic abuse

Click here to learn more about the charities that your purchase of Ad-Duha books supports.

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