Aerakis - Cretan Musical Workshop & Seistron

Aerakis - Cretan Musical Workshop & Seistron is the oldest and the largest record label company specialized on Cretan traditional music

Stelios Aerakis, was raised with the principles of the genuine traditional music of Anogeia and generally of Crete. As far as Cretan music and record industry are concerned, he played the laouto and he cooperated with Nikos Xylouris, Psarantonis, Vasilis Skoulas and many other significant Cretan grand masters of the 20th century. In 1974, he established the first record store in Heraklion, while, at the same time, he was the exclusive authorized representative of Columbia Music Records in Crete. In 1976, he created the “Aerakis-Cretan Music Company” record company which evolved into the “Aerakis-Cretan Musical Workshop” record company, sealing the whole record evolution of Cretan music with the quality and the innovation of that time. Stelios Aerakis along with Michalis Aerakis’s cooperation, who is his brother, forged their own path and they created, beyond doubt, a bright name in the field of Cretan music publication and production.

Eventually, deploying his experience and knowledge, Michalis Aerakis created the highly recognized “Seistron Music Editions” in 2001, combining different discrete elements, old and new, words and notes, music and books. He did his part in building the glorious castle of our tradition. In 2010 the two companies join forces to create a company named "AERAKIS - CRETAN MUSICAL WORKSHOP & SEISTRON". Andreas M. Aerakis is the producer till now.