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Bring More Money in to your Dance Business

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Hi lovely!

I wanted to write to you to let you know a little about me, how similar you and I are - and how I can help you.

I opened my dance business in 2005 with 5 students and a stereo and have grown it to having 2 locations, our own premises and a full time team.

Over the years I've learned PLENTY the hard way (!) and even more by investing in the region of £50,000 in my own business education. (No I didn't have the money sat in the bank - I scrimped, saved, grafted and hustled! I'm just like you!)

I work with Urban Strides delivering the Sales and Marketing, Business Practice and co-host the Business Mentoring on the UK's only Government Accredited Street Dance Teacher training qualification.

I've hosted tutorials and sessions at global retreats for studio owners around the world including Australia and the USA.

I've guested on the Dance Studio Owner podcast alongside the lovely Suzanne-Black Gerety, have had numerous articles published including for Dance Advantage and have been a guest on many business webinars.

I led my studio to be the first UK studio to take classes online at the beginning of the COVID-19 - a full week ahead of the government mandated lockdown and have won numerous business awards including the prestigious "Yes Business Can" Lloyds Bank Award where I got to meet Joe Wicks!

I want to save you the stress and worry of learning the hard way, and benefit from what I've invested in my learning in a way that's much more affordable to hard working dance teachers who typically have a heart full of love, a to do list like an encyclopaedia and not nearly enough money in the bank.

You got this - and I can't wait to help you!

Lots of Love

Alison xxx