All Knit Up Designs

Designs for the knitters who enjoy intuitive, repetitive knitting. All Knit Up Designs are enough to keep you interested but not away from your daily life. These patterns are social and/or tv knitting at their finest. Find my free self-striping sock pattern available on my blog!

If you have any questions about my patterns please feel free to send me a message on Ravelry or email at

Thank you for checking out my patterns! If you are interested in test knitting All Knit Up Designs patterns please join the All Knit Up Designs Ravelry Group and watch the threads.

This is a safe space for all makers. I monitor my social media feeds as well as my blog, please make sure that minority groups and underrepresented makers are safe. If you are being deliberately combative and dismissive of BIPOC and LGBTQI+ makers you will be removed from my space.

Happy Knitting!