Amanda Peet

Amanda has been an EFT Practitioner since 2009.  Amanda specialises in dealing with emotions and core beliefs and has extensive knowledge about how we hold them in our subconscious and they are used as our default, no matter what our conscious mind is saying.  The subconscious is the boss, so that is where she works, using EDT to identify, acknoledge and clear away things that are stuck from life events that really are out of date and are not what we truly believe.

Amanda is passionate about her work and always encourages clients to do this for themsleves.  Amanda has been sharing her techniques since 2015 and in 2018 Amanda launched her first online course (The Dowsing Programme).  The online course has a superb Aftercare and Support Package included which offers a closed Facebook group as well as a monthly email newsletter for those who don't use Facebook.