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Against Walls (Amgalant One)


Imaginary Kings (Amgalant Two)


Voices from the Twelfth-Century Steppe


Of Battles Past (Amgalant 1.1)


When I am King (Amgalant 1.2)


Me and Atrocity (Amgalant 2.1)


The Sheep from the Goats (Amgalant 2.2)


About Me

Welcome to Amgalant.

Here you can find my historical fiction about the 12th & 13th-century Mongols.

Also my craft essay Voices.

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Both epic and intimate, Amgalant explores the story found in the Secret History of the Mongols. Much of this source is still secret -- neglected in Western accounts. People who knew Temujin gathered their tales into a communal memoir, which even conserves Temujin's own words. This is the inside story.

'In a word, the writing is extraordinary... To humanize one of history's most infamous conquerors is not an enviable task.'

'Hammond's writing is rich, nuanced, humorous... Amgalant is a rare and different, wonderful read.'

You can read Amgalant either in the original two books, Against Walls and Imaginary Kings -- if you like novels over 500 pages -- or in the four-set, beginning Of Battles Past.