Annette L. Anderson

Annette L. Anderson is a Motivational Speaker, Evangelist and quote-ologist. She has a passion for writing short stories, poems, and inspirational messages. She believes that if you change your mindset then you will ultimately be able change your life.  She has worked in the Social Service field for over 35 years and have impacted the lives of many. She is the founder of “G.I.F.T.S” (Girls Inspired for Total Success), focusing on the Spiritual, Social and Economical areas in the lives of Women/Girls, empowering them to meet their full potential; She is the founder of “Annette-ism”, which are pearls of wisdoms used to interpret life through sayings, thoughts, poems and quotes.She is also founder of “Hey Girl” an organization that speaks into the lives of Girls through one word of affirmation. She believes that it’s important that we all learn how to SOAR...Speak! Orate! Articulate! And Reverberate!