Anthony Jackson boutique & More

Welcome to our store.... Here you will hv the opportunity to shop at reasonable prices. Everyone who desires to order a waist trainer is directed to call me first at 904-434-9740 as there will be no refunds!!

Most shoes on this site are considered UA-  It officially means “Unauthorized Authentic”. Imagine a shoe factory: The customer needs 50.000 pairs, and the factory makes 51.000. The reason behind this is that they still have around a 1000 pairs of shoes extra if some of the 50.000 pairs get rejected. However, when al 50.000 pairs are accepted and they’re not rejected, the shoes sometimes might be thrown away or anything like that. When somebody gets their hand on these shoes its not an authentic sold product, but its still made in the same factory.

Nevertheless, its quite often used as another term for a “High Quality Replica”. If you see UA on this sub just assume they’re talking about a HQ rep. It is our sole duty to provide you with quality products.

If we find out that its illegal to sell some of the products listed we will kindly discontinue that particular product.