April Calderwood

ABOUT ME I am April and I was born on April 17, 1994. But that's not why I was named April. That in itself was just a coincidence. I'm actually named after my Mom's cousin, who died at age 17. Wolves and African Wild Dogs are my favourite animals. I love animals in general. I graduated from SAIT Polytechnic in the program of Graphic Communications and Print Technology in Spring 2014. And although I've been writing since I learned to read and write, I figured I'd start off as a Graphic Designer because drawing is the next best thing and besides, it could help with my writing career, I figured. I have over 100 hand written stories from childhood in my room and Lessons Learned was my first ever computer typed novel. I started writing it when I was 14 and didn't finish it until age 17. My interests in art skyrocketed at age 14 as well and I became a hobbyist self teaching artist and writer. Since writing doesn't guarantee success or even a paycheck I decided to take Graphic Design in college (since it does) while I wrote on the side and still earn money while I grew an audience with writing on the sidelines. Hopefully one day I can make the full switch over to writer, and use my Graphic Design skills in creating my own book jackets and advertizements. I plan to be a self sufficient author one day. Aside from writing and drawing other activities I enjoy doing is camping, playing capture the flag, baseball, skiing, practicing my french horn, trying weird and new foods, travelling, and trying out new things such as crafts. I also like learning random things, which is another reason why I became an author. There are way too many things I want to do in my life and I figured the best way to do them all was to write about them. You can find me on deviantart at aprilsilverwolf.deviantart.com