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WARSONG: Preludes: The Battle of Phobos 1


WARSONG: Stretti: The Battle of Phobos 2


A Universe of Adventure Awaits

Humanity has splintered. On Earth, corporations rule our lives, and the Central Government Corporation aims to reunite the splinters. On Mars, the citizens have thrown off their chains, and renamed their world Gongen, leading lives calculated by an Artificial Intelligence. Past them all, the Mavericks try to scrape out a living independent of anyone else... or try to grab as much power as they can into criminal organizations.

This is the story of the people caught up in this future, this conflict. The stories of brave nobodies, wily vagabonds, and stoic soldiers. Soon people from every walk of life won't be able to escape the spiraling crisis brewing beneath their feet. They'll all face the Battle of Phobos.


They'll all need to be ready to hear WARSONG...