Born in 1981 in Tashkent.
In 2007 graduated from the Tashkent State Technical University named Beruni,
faculty "Search for oil and gas."
Fond of literature, music, sound engineering.
Frontman of several non-commercial Internet music projects,
member of the dark metal band "SPIDERHUNT" (lyrics, vocals).
Write poetry since 1998.
The author of the international poetic club "" (2007 - 2013),
South Russian Writers Union International Literary and Art Salon "Art E-Lit",
Russian literary portal ""

Poetry collection “Saturday” (“Studio of the good word”, Novosibirsk, 2008),
"Art-E-Lit" (No. 2, 2010), literary magazine "Star of the East" (№ 1, 2013),
in the print editions of the Odessa literary and art magazine "Southern Lights"
and creative living "DILIGANS".