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One Hour Quiet Time With God


Who is Athyna Stewart

Athyna Stewart the Founder & CEO of The Spiritual Growth Academy also known as (SGA), the Founder & CEO of New Beginnings Empowerment Center Inc. 501 (c) 3, the host of her podcast titled Life Unapologetic with Athyna, her live radio show Friday Brunch with Athyna held on 216 The Beat Radio Station, as well as her weekly live class held on the Wisdom Platform & Clubhouse titled Seeking to See God.

Through her organizations Radio Show, Weekly live classes and podcast Athyna leads such an exciting and vibrant Virtual Academy, which offers a great opportunity for those individuals who seek spiritual growth.

Athyna’s goal is to lead each person in her sphere of influence through the power of the Holy Spirit to succeed in their needed area of spiritual growth. The goal of her Virtual Academy is to prepare all who seek the deeper things of God to prepare for future challenges in their spiritual development, in a discouraged and increasingly dying world.

Athyna is humbled by the gifts God has allowed her to use to nurture, the inclusive ethos where she strides in grace to set high standards for her spheres of influence to achieve and operate at their very best.