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His Kingdom


His Jailbird


Possessive Neighbor




Saving Their Princess


Obsessive Addiction


Accidental Obsession


A Girl Worth Fighting For


The Girl who was Meant to be Mine


Loving the Girl in the Tutu


Until Arsen


With Kol


Before Noah


Dreaming of California


Missing in Action


About Me

Krystal writes as USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, she has over 50 published books in differing romance genres. She enjoys making her readers cry as they go on a deep journey of love and loss through each book. 

Experiencing her own insta-love at 17, Krystal has been with her husband for 16 years and they share 4 beautiful children together. 

Fun facts about KL: 
Perpetual romantic.
Coffee addict.
Sarcasm lover. 
Give her an action flick over a romance. But a romance book over action. She’s weird like that.
Did she mention coffee addict?
Closet shopaholic.
Beach lover.
Coffee addict, it bears repeating. Again.
Husband obsessed. Hers that is, you can keep yours.
Mom of 6, well 7 if you count the husband. Oh and 2 of those are a cat & dog, that are confused about their species.