Ayla by Ingrid

I have been fascinated by cards and esoteric knowledge since I was a child, but life here seems to have had other priorities to manifest into up until now. It is at the point where one has very little left to lose other than their ego, that the Cards of Truth came into my experience as a force dragging me out of my personal, little, mesmerizing, hypnotizing wandering. It had the feel of a savior, warming my guts and helping me focus, hope and dream. I can see its truth and its value. I can feel it messing up with my numbness, drawing the gunk out of my system. I see archetypes of human psyche reaching out, asking to be healed, acknowledged and expressed. Images come. Past pains and sorrows, obsolete ideas and people and doings, are melting away as I am letting my hand chose the colors or pick the pastels, the watercolor, or the ink. I let myself be guided by peace.