Ayodele Olusanya

Ayodele Olusanya unexpectedly found himself in the world of writing; however since the change in his direction, he has written four books – ‘Thank God it’s Monday; Divinely Inspired’, ‘Good Heavens, where is my Attitude?’ "I should Thank God for the NHS………to should I? and Comeback. He was asked to give the announcements during Sunday services at his local church, but he could not stop at just that. He would start off the announcements by sharing a few words of encouragement with the congregation and in return he will get a lot of encouragement from members of the church. He was soon to realise that what he thought were mere words would before long became sources of inspiration to many. The exchange of encouraging words lead to the birth of his website, www.thegreatestasset.co.uk, and his weekly ‘thoughts’ are now read by thousands from all over the world. Most of Ayodele’s writings are based on his personal experiences and they are aimed at encouraging people to wake up and live, and to laugh while they do the living.