Beyond Break Even, inc.

Beyond Breakeven, Inc.’s history since 2003, of commitment to customer satisfaction and over-delivering, has earned the company a Better Business Bureau, (BBB) A+ Accredited business rating. Additionally, the company has a five star Yelp rating and numerous positive comments on Yelp and the BBB website. The company excels at customer service and exceeds expectations, in part because it first has policies and procedures for carefully assessing projects before agreeing to work on them. That process starts with a free client consultation where the wannabe business owner is able to meet with a project screener and speak freely about the merits of his or her project. Together they explore the project challenges and possibilities for overcoming those roadblocks. During that exploratory and problem solving meeting, the likelihood of project success is determined and the project is either accepted or not. It is this careful vetting of projects and policy of only accepting ones that are viable with coachable, serious and decisive wannabe business owners, that results in a high success rate.