Abela Publishing

Abela Publishing has been established as a Social Enterprise. By this we mean we donate 10% of our net profit to charities around the world. We started by publishing old and forgotten folklore, fairy tales, myths and legends, but as our reputation for quality works grew we have started attracting new works from authors around the world.

We now have over 1000 children's ebooks and have developed an educational series of children's books and stories which makes learning fun. We give them the advertised story PLUS we have a "WHERE IN THE WORLD" lookup challenge where encourage children to look up a place name using Google Maps to see where the story has come from. In turn Google Maps not only gives them the place but also pictures of the place and its people. We also put the country of the story's origin in an historical context.

In giving all this information, plus the story, it is our hope that children will learn of places and peoples around the world, the differences - language, religion, looks etc. In doing so, our objective is to widen young people's perspective of the world and hopefully engender understanding and tolerance - for the world certainly needs understanding and tolerance. While the current generation may not achieve understanding and tolerance across all borders, maybe, just maybe, by planting the seeds now, they may start to bare fruit in the next and following generations.