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Subscriptions? Yes Please!

That nature of publishing stories is always changing, and so too does the platform. Some folks will always love books, some epubs and some these days subscriptions.

Subscriptions benefit writers by providing a steady income from which we can pay bills, pay for book covers and tools.

Subscriptions Benefit readers by giving them early access and bonus content. I have four options. Mostly they have the same stories, but slightly different ways of telling them. Sometimes it just comes down to what the reader wither already has, or feels comfortable with having on their CC bill :)

Payhip -

the place you are right now. The difference is that here, you can get saucier pictures and videos with my stories that have often inspired the story.

Ream -

This is a place I am posting chapters and books, but my anthology books are basically the same thing. If you want to read stories before they hit amazon and my site, this is the subscription to get.

Substack -

It's a newsletter system. And lots of folks have it on their phone. It's a bit more vanilla than payhip, and does not have an option for books, but if you're already there, come follow me.

Lush stories -

This is the place to be if you like to chat, read and have a peak at my picture collection. I do some stories out there and often flash fiction. It's just a taste compared to the other places, but it's aplace to interact and read some stuff I don't do everywhere (LG)

What Happened to Medium?

I have to say that as of this writing, Medium cut our pay by 80-90% and hard as that is, it's made me see the wisdom to a direct reader relationship. Medium members have always supported me, even as I went from a four digit author to a double digit author, but when you rent a house the landlord can always raise the rent or kick you off. So, it's back to books, and now, subscriptions.