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About Me

I have recently discovered the world of Art from a "Hands On" point of view. I am self taught and still learning. Graphite, pencil and charcoal are my preferred choice of media when it comes to my expressions, and I will attempt to recreate ANYTHING that catches my eye.

Creative writing has been an "On again Off again" hobby my entire life.

My first eBook "Braes of the Fairy Ring" is the origin story of an idea I had back in early 2021.

In May of this year a friend of mine asked me, "Where did these characters come from, how did they come to be?"

And 'Voila',

Braes of the Fairy Ring was born.

It was his idea to use the word "Braes", thanks ***.

To all those who purchase my products, I thank you. The more in depth continuation is being worked on and will be available as soon as it is ready.

All the best...