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About Me

Hello, lovely soul!

I'm a fellow traveler on the healing journey, deeply passionate about guiding sensitive and introverted women like us. Creativity is my language of the heart, and nature is my sanctuary, recharging me with its gentle whispers.

As an empath and introvert, I cherish seeing the beauty in people and empowering them to embrace self-compassion. My profound yoga journey began in 2007 when I found myself tired of being tired. Tired of being frustrated. Tired of being overwhelmed by life. I started with meditation, pranayama, and slow yoga (asana) and then found Therapeutic Yoga that changed everything.

This lead me to become a dedicated Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner after trying many different things that helped but didn't seem to have lasting change. It wasn't until I tried Therapeutic Yoga that I finally felt like I was at home within myself. (Sounds crazy but it was the most peaceful and unchaotic I had ever felt). Over the years I have struggled with being sensitive and labeled "too sensitive" but did not know then that it is my superpower.

(I am also a recovering perfectionist).

My mission is clear: to support women in finding peace within, reclaiming their power, and embracing self-love of your imperfectly perfect self. (You are whole and complete as you are. You are more than your body and mind).

I have been a Yoga Teacher for over 10 years & Practiced over 15 years, Wellness and Self Love Advocate/Coach for 20+ years, gardener, cat lover, craft lover, passion for quilting and sewing, avocado fiend, empowerment advocate, heart centered empath that drops F bombs with a playful sense of humor, an INFJ, and someone who loves to help others experience the blissful attitude that comes from being embodied and loving your imperfectly perfect self.