Blue Oracle

To write the Caribbean future is to declare it will continue to exist.

Determined to celebrate the West Indian now, while designing our shared survival of the future, Arielle John approaches poetry and theatre performance as medicine for Atlantic peoples, their resilient cultures, and the land (and sea) they occupy. The millennial's devotion to community-building work centres on transformative justice, sustainable living and the healing arts as she works within the Caribbean and its diaspora, sharing and gathering tools that have supported our dynamic evolution over time.

Arielle currently works with a number of nonprofit organizations in her native Trinidad & Tobago, including The 2 Cents Movement and SHIFT! Caribbean. Recent projects by the Goldsmiths College alumna include scholarly research on divine femininity in the Trinidad Carnival (2017), the debut of her one-woman show ‘Bout Blue’ (2018), and the publication of her second poetry chapbook ‘Containing in Itself All Sweetness’ (2019).