Boaz Jarrarrakah Opio

Boaz Opio lives in his native Uganda with his lovely woman Sarah. He is a social entrepreneur, a blogger and a widely travelled journalist with envy for personal development. This field has been inspired to him by his academic background pursuing Bachelors of Development Economics in Makerere University, one of the most prestigious universities in Africa. “There was a course unit called: “Women and Gender Economics,” Boaz reflects. This must have marked Boaz’s first encounter with any meaningful quest about how sex and gender affect someone’s development. In 2012, Boaz flew to Dubai at the time many young Ugandans were fleeing for greener pastures. In Dubai, he worked as a cab driver, a personal assistant and many other odd jobs to make ends meet with his girlfriend Sarah, a woman Boaz says has inspired “Man’s money, Woman’s money” greatly.