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Hope Springs Series

Not Until Forever

She chose her career over him. He put his family before her. When they get a second chance, will they choose to put each other first?

Not Until This Moment

She’s looking for “the one.” He knows it can never be him. Unless God has other plans for them...

Not Until You

She clings to the past like a treasured antique. He’d rather toss it in the trash. But if they can learn to trust in the God of second chances, they might just discover a future together.

Not Until Us

Everyone knows former bad girl Jade and local pastor Dan don’t belong together. But when what they know and what they feel are two different things, can they trust God to give them a second chance?

Not Until Christmas Morning

She's a fixer... He's about as broken as they come... Can they learn to turn to God for healing and hope this Christmas?

Not Until This Day

Three kids. Two broken hearts. One chance to become a family.

Not Until Someday

She’s waiting for her someday. He thinks his has already come and gone.

Not Until Now

They both know what they want. And it’s not each other . . .

Not Until Then

Neither is looking for a new family. But that may be just what they find in Hope Springs…

River Falls Series

Pieces of Forever

The scars on her face are nothing to the scars on her heart. But can God help her find healing―and love?

Songs of Home

Can God turn the worst day of her life into the best thing that has ever happened to her?

Memories of the Heart

Their marriage is already falling apart. So when she loses her memories of their life together... can he make her fall in love all over again?

River Falls Christmas Romances

Christmas of Joy

A former crush, a Christmas wedding, and a second chance at a first kiss…