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About Me

Acacia is an author, oil painter and mentor originally from Kansas, USA. After a 'successful' 11 year career in NYC that left her diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, she heeded the call of her higher self to embrace her different life path and make drastic changes.


While traveling, building up businesses and living abroad (Bali then Europe), Acacia focused on her inner work, clearing her current and past life trauma to heal herself of the anxiety and depression, and her own inner Divine Union. Through that deep inner work, she met her wonderful, loving, tech entrepreneur husband.


She currently assists amazing women leaders in writing, editing and publishing their one-of-a-kind books and spearheads ‘The Book Finishers’ online groups.

Acacia also guides women into their inner Divine Union, activating their Queen vibration, and aligning to their physical King.

For more about Acacia, please visit her website here.