Hello Boss Babes ! My Name is Jade Guy AKA Shaded By Jade . I created the Boss Babe Vendor Vault to give access to vendors and Business resources to people who are trying to create their dream business . I started my cosemetic business in 2015 at the age of 17 ! I remember constantly wasting money on finding vendors along with not knowing where to start . At that time having a E commerce buiness was not as popular as it is now , so finding resources was extremely hard . I was able to earn thousands of dollars years later using my social media platform to sell my cosmetics. During this time i created many relationships with many vendors to gauruntee premium products to my brand . Many young people were influenved by my hustle and ambition to have my own business and would always ask me " How Can I Start My Own Cosmetic Business ? " so I then created something called the "Cheat Sheet " me team which was a list of cosmetic vendors and steps to get your business legalized and profitable . We have sold over 5,000 and share our customers testimonys daily on our instagram. So now we have created the Vendor Vault which is access to all beauty vendors .