Build a Cheap & Energy-Efficient Mining Rig: Beginner's Build

Hi, I'm Scott , a surfer, cryptocurrency miner, tech-enthusiast and certified teacher. This channel is in production, and so far offers a class on Cryptocurrency Mining and Investing for beginners who want to join in the exciting world of cryptocurrency. Earn passive income, learn how to build your own computer or just find out how you can shop, game and save with cryptocurrency investing and mining.

In this course we will walk through, step by step, to set up your cryptocurrency exchange, wallet and DeFi applications including Compound. We will see the ways you can earn interest on your cryptocurrency in both the exchange and DeFi applications. You'll also get to explore alternate applications not yet discussed and ways that you can earn from your wallet! Stay tuned!

We will be exploring cryptocurrency for non-technical users seeking to engage in a global community of support that combines the best of tech and finance to engineer a financial future governed by the people who matter most, everyday people like us! 

In my course, we will look at what cryptocurrency is briefly, while focusing on how to start generating currency by mining without needing a vast technical skillset, huge investment or training. We will also demystify how we can not only gain interest in our cryptocurrency, but how this may help some of the most disenfranchised people around the world achieve financial solvency! Worried about losing money? Don’t worry, in this class, we will look at how you can keep yourself and investments secure. Best of all, everything you learn in this class can be done for free!

There is an optional computer build that has recommended parts which are not free, but this will be a project for those who want to see (and maybe feel) the tech you can use to make a mining rig that's cheap and energy efficient.

In my experience, I've learned that the hardest part of starting off on a new venture to earn passive income or learn a new skill is not knowing where to start. Cryptocurrency mining may sound technical, but with the proper guidance anyone can do it in a way that is safe and fits your budget. With all those resources out there and buzz around cryptocurrency, we will learn how to distill this information into an actionable plan and real computing power.

Best yet, the most prominent values in any new venture, financial or business apply to cryptocurrency and mining. We will research, compare and learn to manage risk. We will define how you can protect your privacy. We will explore technology from software to hardware. Best of all, we will do this as a part of a group of people around the world who will help us along the way. Let's define the next chapter in our financial world and actively participate in it's unfolding.