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Photographed by Umru Rothenberg (2019)


Drew Holliday, aka CITYTRONIX is an electronica-experimental and avat-garde musician, programmer and visual artist based in an industrial town within the United Kingdom.

CITYTRONIX first conceived music creation at her earliest years, primarily arranging pieces of soundbites and MIDI riffs on numerous PlayStation platform releases (namely Music 3000 and MTV Music Generator 2). There's no denying that CITYTRONIX has always been - at heart - an avid sound explorer and audiophile.

CITYTRONIX's sound is a form of expression which reflects upon her timelines in life, mainly capturing sound souvenirs in which has moulded her identity in both crisis and reassurance - which encompasses pop music culture, documentaries, sound triggers, low fidelity YouTube videos, objects, environments and more. Regarding her work practice, she believes sound reaches no bounds, especially when it comes to what is felt within. CITYTRONIX is always willing to engage in new territory and dissect her capabilities of musicianship.

CITYTRONIX is also part of the group Viscount (under the WARE collective domain founded by longtime collaborator Klahrk), alongside having made numerous contributions, input and features with Noiiz (under Samplephonics), Boiler Room, Schemata (arts programme sector of Corsica Studios), NTS, Rinse FM, Dummy Magazine, AQNB, Digital Empire Records and Alpha Pup Records to name a few.

She is also a graduate at Canterbury Christ Church University, having been granted a first-class honours degree in Creative Music Technology, with other history in academia encompassing Music Technology (Production).

Press / Credentials

AQNB: "Artificial Intelligence & the global financial market resonates with the drowning human voice of Viscount’s ‘Aching In Faith’"

Viscount is releasing EP Altcoin via London’s WARE on April 19, with ‘Aching In Faith’ premiering on AQNB today. The project includes producers WallerCitytronixOtangTal-Bot and WARE collective head Klahrk, and it follows an overarching narrative of “unprecedented intensity in the global financial market.”...

Resident Advisor: "Never Decay compiles India Jordan, SHE Spells Doom on benefit compilation for The Outside Project"

THEY-RA's Never Decay label will release a benefit compilation at the end of the month.

Never Decay, Vol. 1 was curated by THEY-RA in response to the results of the December 2019 UK election. All proceeds from the release will be donated to The Outside Project, an LGBTQI+ homeless shelter and community centre in London...

CLOT Magazine: "Online exhibition: IDENT, how Schemata questions identity"

Corsica Studios’ arts programme, Schemata, is an experimental art platform that pushes the boundaries in sound and vision. The programme’s first exhibition, Vortex, was held off-world in a 3D, virtual replica of Corsica Studios. Progressing from Vortex, Schemata present their new show IDENT looks at and questions identity...

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If you'd like to delve more into CITYTRONIX's portfolio and projects that have released or been announced, you can visit the website at

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Photographed by Nicholas Subramaniam (2019)