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When will my product ship?

Firstly, thank you for placing an order with me! All orders are picked and packed on a Wednesday and put in the post on Friday. You will be sent a message confirming when your order has been dispatched.

Why are some of the books not available signed?

The store will show what I currently have in stock in terms of physical copies. This will be constantly changing as orders come through from the printers so keep an eye on the website and it will come back in stock soon. If there is a specific book you want, feel free to email me and I can let you know availability. At the moment I am not running pre-orders but this may be something that occurs in the future.

I missed out on an exclusive release box. Will these come up for order again?

Unfortunately, no. The release boxes are only available in limited numbers and once they sell out there won't be any more available. If there is any extra stock of items in the boxes then they will become available to buy separately through the shop after the release boxes have shipped.

The description for my candle says it has a type of stone in it but I can't see it on the top.

Congratulations! A limited number of candles in each batch made have a larger crystal/stone embedded in the wax. Even I don't know which have them in because they're all mixed together. Don't worry if you can see both types of stone on the top, you're not out of the running yet, because some of them have both. It will just depend on what stock was on hand at the time the candles were decorated.