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The Unwanted Series

A Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy Series

Troupes Include: Chosen One and Found Family

Go with Willow as she navigates high school, her friends, and becoming the Wiccan Queen of Edayri.

His Blood Vow: A FREE Exclusive Novella for Subscribers Only!

If you loved Beautiful Creatures or The Red Queen, you will love this series!

SACRED (The Unwanted Series III)


REIGN (The Unwanted Series, Book II)


MAGICK (The Unwanted Series, Book I)


About Me

I’m a lover of all things fairytale and fantasy, especially the twisted ones. I love to write strong female characters who don’t fall victim to circumstance but rise above it. In my world, a princess can save herself, and romantic interests are partnerships.

Young Adult contemporary fantasy series (The Unwanted Series) includes:

Magick (book I)

Reign (book II)

Sacred (book III)

Currently, I call home to sunny Florida with my hubby (aka Handsome), our two daughters.