Deborah Schipper

I'm Deborah Schipper, creator of the recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and meal prep tips along with Nutritionist, Jennifer May. My life was not a healthy one years ago.

I suffered from eczema on my face, seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp, muscular pain, frequent colds and insomnia. I was incredibly fatigued and relied on processed treats to give me a quick sugar high. I sought medical advice and received several types of treatment but these conditions continued with little or no improvement. In two years I visited six dermatologists for eczema but there were no answers, only steroids which further irritated my skin. I realised my diet could be improved but when I looked into detoxes and juice cleanses felt they were not sustainable. I came to the realisation that enjoying sweet and savoury tasty food while improving my health was the only way it was going to work for me.

I had many dietary questions and an allergy test confirmed gluten intolerance. At the time this digestive issue was not widely spoken about. My Dr. informed me that many people are gluten intolerant and this causes skin problems, fatigue, brain fog, headaches and inflammation. Others are sensitive to wheat and experience bloating and pain. It was the gluten in commercial breads, cakes, pastas, cereals, sauces, dressings, soups and so many other packaged foods, combined with high levels of refined sugar and processed foods that were dragging me down.

I began experimenting with real food ingredients in chocolate and cakes, combined with wholesome breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The difference in nutritional content was remarkable and I began to feel better almost immediately. My lethargy abated and within weeks my skin showed signs of improvement. My sleep patterns changed from weeks of chronic insomnia to sleeping peacefully most nights. I was so happy with my new energy and strength. I decided to start creating weekly meal plans to make sure the positive effects could continue. The meals were designed to focus on nutritional needs first but to also include healthy treats with calories considered.

Today maintenance is easy. I enjoy creating easy, clean meal plans. I feel happier, lighter and more energetic than ever.

I’m so excited to share my nutritious and indulgent Cake Cleanse with you.
Deborah Schipper