Capture The Star Education Centre

My name is Mazane Ricketts, founder of Capture The Star Education Centre. 

Me and my team of Educators have been dedicated to supporting our Future Leaders for over 17 years in Ontario, Canada.

Let's be honest, both teachers and parents are working double time to keep up with the technoligical advances and increasing class sizes. It's tough. I have experience in Montessori Schools, Elementary & High Schools, Child Care Centres, Camps, and one thing is for certain - our Educators need more help!

We opened doors to Capture The Star Education Centre to provide additional support to our teachers, parents and students. We not only offer In-office & virtual One-on-One sessions, Writing Workshops, Summer Camps, French Immersion Programs, we are now also offering EWorkbooks!

Our most popular service is for Math so we saw it fitting for our first series of EWorkbooks to cover that topic.
Investing in our Future Leaders is what we do best, exploring the wonderful workd of education is a bonus✨

Feel Free To Contact Us Through Our Socials! We Are Here For You!