Charlotte Lundqvist

Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, with parents who love to travel, Charlotte became interested in exploring and going on adventures at a young age. Right after high school and a few years in the service industry she started her own photography business. All while she studied full time for a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences, focusing on psychology. She also studied psychiatry, designed and created hair accessories, painted and started working on a book about mental illness, including fine art photographs illustrating the struggle it involves. And wrote this book about finding your inspiration, of course! 

If there is one thing she has learned in this life it is that it’s completely fine to not know exactly what you want to do and to try different things. Just because you have a degree in a certain field or have worked at the same place for years it does not mean that you have to do it for the rest of your life. You can always change your direction. In the end, it is your life – no one else’s. And never, ever, suppress what you feel passionate about. Those are the things that will make you feel alive, at least that is what she believes.