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Coastal Magic is a super casual convention and book signing. Normally in Daytona Beach, FL, this year - due to hurricane damage in Daytona - we'll be meeting in Orlando.

Our goal is to give authors and readers a place to get to know each other, and hang out for the weekend.

With panels designed to start interesting discussion, and meet & greets with fun themes, we’ve got something for every fan.

We also make sure there's some down time to just enjoy each other’s company and conversation. Join us for reader, blogger, and author shenanigans.

Saturday’s book sale and signing is open to convention attendees, and also FREE to the public.

We’ve got a Featured Author lineup, over 40 amazing storytellers, that showcases not only NYT Bestselling favorites, but debut and “new to you” authors that are sure to catch your attention. It’s a beachside reader weekend that celebrates the magic of stories and storytellers. Feb 23-26, 2023.


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