Colishia S. Benjamin

As an inspirational writer, Colishia S. Benjamin takes pride in sharing her beliefs and her thoughts by inspiring the world one day at a time. Colishia S. Benjamin has been in the healthcare field for fifteen years as a CNA1/Hab Tech. She has been writing for years. Her enthusiasm for writing poetry and short stories has enabled her to further her career as a writer by going back to school as a full time student at Full Sail University, one of the top five film schools in the US. She has published two poems in 2011??A Silly School Girl Crush,? appearing in From a Window: Harmony (Eber & Wein Publishing); and ?Taboo,? appearing in Stars in Our Hearts. She has released her first book called Poetry of Life which is for sale online everywhere books are sold worldwide. Colishia is in the process of working on her second book project called Forty and Single a guide for single women which will soon be release this summer 2013. Benjamin is also looking forward to producing in the fall of 2014.(less)