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About Me

My name is Ricardo and I want to help you.

I am a seasoned business professional with over a decade of experience in business management, operations coordination, and financial management. I have excelled at building and maintaining strong client relationships and have a deep understanding of human relations, which has helped us create a positive and productive work culture within our organization and I want to share that experience with you so you can achieve your financial independence sooner than later.

With my unique combination of corporate security, real estate investing, REO property preservation, and business ownership experience. I have positioned myself to help you grow and protect your financial future. Our passion for innovation and growth drives us to continuously explore opportunities in cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things, and blockchain (IoT) – ensuring that tomorrow’s solutions are within reach for people in both physical & digital real estate.

Our mission is clear: Investing in physical and digital real estate can unlock tremendous potential for you. With physical property you get equity, and you can create a steady source of passive income through rental properties or other investments. And by investing in digital real estate, you can create virtual assets that generate residual profits with minimal effort. Strengthen your financial future today with our Consigliere!